Hi! I’m Raphaelle,
a wild creative soul inspired by TALES & Nature.

My name is Raphaelle Monvoisin Wojtas.
I am a French artist and illustrator based in Southern Norway, where I create visual tales and narrative stories with watercolor and mixed media, inspired by the breathtaking wild Nature around me.

My universe is filled with wild creatures,
inspired by folktales, forests & mountains.

I grew up surrounded by forests where I developed a strong connection to nature.
I create illustrations that evoke a sense of wonder and reflection.
I paint worlds rooted between dream and reality, places of quiet contemplation, where nature rules.
I shape visuals that tell peaceful stories, full of reverie and poetry, to invite children and adults alike into sceneries where they can explore the wonders of nature.

About my work

My illustrations are mainly done in watercolor mixed with other techniques such as ink, colored pencils and digital painting.

I am open and available to work on picture books, covers, magazines, cards, stationery, textile and beyond.

In addition to my art and illustration work, I am also an art director, designer & photographer. You can find my work at

If you have any questions or projects you would like to discuss with me,
feel free to contact me, I would love to hear from you!